Mother’s Day, the “Super-Bowl” of the floral industry.

American social activist Anna Jarvis, (1864-1948) from Philadelphia lobbied the government for an official day to honor mothers in the US . Regarded as the “Mother of Mother’s Day”, Jarvis wanted it to be a day of sentiment however; the commercialization of the day, has turned into big profits.

In an article, says Mother’s Day is the Super Bowl of flowers, with Americans expected to spend $2.4 billion on arrangements for their mothers, wives, and girlfriends this year. Much of this thanks to an increase in ordering on mobile devices.

Traditionally the celebration of mothers and the maternal bond are exhibit by children giving flowers, presents, and cards to their mothers, and other maternal figures such as grandmothers, stepmothers, and mothers-in-law.

While Mother’s Day is on the mind for most Americans, many businesses start preparing for the days leading up to this Sunday, at the very least 2 weeks in advanced.

In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day 2017, Americans expect to spend more than 23 billion dollars on gifts for “The women with the most important jobs in the world”. That is the highest amount of spending in a 14-year history, topping last year’s previous record of $21.4 billion. On average shoppers are expected to spend $186.39 for the holiday, that is up from last year’s $172.22 for dear mom.

NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said, “Retailers will be ready with a wide range of gift options and a variety of promotions for their customers. According to an survey,

When searching for the perfect gift, 35 percent of consumers will head to department stores and 31 percent will shop at specialty stores such as florists, jewelers or electronics stores, while 24 percent plan to shop at a local small business. Meanwhile, 30 percent will shop online, up from 27 percent last year. Among smartphone owners, 34 percent will research gift ideas on their phones while 19 percent will use them to make a purchase.” Consequently, consumers can plan to open up their wallets a little bit more to celebrate.   However if you are like many of us, who already have a strict budget, and you would like to keep it simple or just have one of those moms who loves flowers
According to FTD Here are some flowers that many use to communicate the message you want to mom.
Perhaps the most traditional Mother’s Day flower is the carnation. carnations represent gratitude and love while red carnations signify admiration. carnations are traditional flowers to give or wear in remembrance of a mother who is no longer living.
Very widely beloved blooms, roses of various colors convey a number of different meanings. A bouquet of mature rose blooms sends a message of gratitude. In white roses signify virtue, purity, and reverence. Yellow roses bespeak devotion. A rose symbolizes grace in a medium pink hue, gratitude in a dark pink color, and youthful joy in light pink.
A bright and cheerful flower, the sunflower is a colorful addition to a bouquet. It also sends a message of adoration and respect. Gerbera daisies have a similarly joyful look in their myriad colors. Daisies are traditionally a symbol of beauty, and gerbera daisies also signify cheerfulness and playfulness.
A bouquet of tulips can make a gift to brighten any mom’s day. The message of tulips in general is love. More specifically, pink tulips signify caring and tulips connote true love. Yellow tulips, as might be guessed from their appearance, bring a message of cheerful thoughts.
Violets signify faithfulness and devotion. The gift of a violet plant can provide a lasting reminder of your appreciation for a mother’s devotion.
With their exotic and majestic appearance, orchids symbolize love, refinement, and beauty. The orchid is also a Chinese symbol for “many children.”
Particularly beloved by many mothers, lilies come in a number of different varieties. A white lily connotes purity and majesty. The day lily is a Chinese symbol for motherhood. Calla lilies stand for beauty.


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